Competition policy

Nemessányi Samuel International Violin Making Competition

Institute of Musicology, Buda Castle

Address: Hungary – 1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály str. 7.

Budapest, Hungary June 30 – July 1 2022

Information and Rules for Competitors

Competition Objectives

The subject of the competition is a violin that was made by Nemessányi Sámuel in 1895. The instrument can be found in the brochure and on the website of the competition. The purpose of the competition is to make the most accurate copy. Make the neck of the instrument normal size. Don’t copy the abrasions on the neck.

All the participating instruments shall be on display together with the original one. In addition, each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Competition Enrty Fee Every competitor can register only one instrument for 200€. There is a package that contains: High-resolution photos of the instrument, all dimensions (have to registrate on our website: http.:// , pattern, and a four-page catalogue with a little description and photos about the instrument. All shipping fees and all insurance coverage for instrument to, from and during the competition are completely the responsibility of the competitor.
The Nemessányi Sámuel Violin Making Competiton’s organisers are not responsible for any loss or damage on the instruments.

Registration and Deadlines

Written application forms and proof of payment of the application fee are accepted until 1st of March, 2022. No registrations will be accepted after this date. You will receive an invoice once you paid your registration. Bring this invoice with you to the competition or copy it and ship it with your instrument.
Instruments shipped have to arrive between 1st and 10th of June. Instruments with personal delivery to the Nemessányi Sámuel Competition have to arrive between 15th and 20th of June. Shipping address of the competition: Hungary – 1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály str. 7, Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Zenetudományi Intézet – Zenetörténeti Múzeum (short name: MTA BTK ZTI). Everyone has to take care of the delivery of the instrument by themselves.

Certification of Authenticity

By filling in and signing the application form, the competitor expressly accepts and acknowledges that only they have made the whole instrument registered for the competition by themselves. During the production they did not use external help, nor did they share the process with other professionals.

Members of Jury

Members of the Jury were selected by the competition organiser:

  • Florian Leonhard – President
  • James Warren
  • Péter Benedek
  • Philippe Girardin
  • Roland Baumgartner
  • Simeone Morassi
  • Quan Zheng


Please note, that the entry fee you paid is not to be refunded under any circumstances.

Removal of Entries

The instruments will be judged in competition until 1st of July, 2022. You can remove your instrument from 5th of July, 2:00 PM. If you remove your instrument earlier, 100 euros fee will be charged. In case the competitor cannot take care of taking the instrument away, the organizers can send it back in the original wrapping it had been sent to the venue of competition. In this case the organizers will bill shipping costs, postage and cash on delivery at the participant’s expense.

Anonimity Rules

All the instruments must NOT have a legible stamp, brand or label inside the instrument. Such instruments will be immediately disqualified without further investigation. The Competitors are asked to attach three photos of the instrument from different angles, plus a short curriculum vitae with photo of themselves in a closed envelop. The unmarked instrument and envelope will be given a random identification number by the organizers. The
envelops will only be opened after having the total score results, thus the identity of the maker is only revealed after this point. The anonymity is constantly monitored by supervisor board.

Photographing and Measuring Instruments

By entering this competition, you agree to have your instrument photographed and measured by the organisers, and to have these photographs and data used for publication, or for any other purpose, without prior permission of the maker.

Instrument Judging

Based on the evaluation of the expert jury, the top 10 instruments will be presented to the sound jury for anonymous review. The final result of the competition is formed after summing up the scores given by the professional and phonetic judges. After this the results can be made public within the frame of an announcement gala concert.


We PURCHASE the 1st place instrument for 30.000 euros.

We reserve the right to make changes!

Bestone Music Kft., Hungary Budapest, ZIP: 1087 Luther str. 1/B


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